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Current Status - Last Updated:

Monday the 31st of March, 2008.

Roundup Pictures added. See the bottom of the page

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After lots of thinking and planning and testing and playing around, I am now starting to develop The New Site!!. Changes will occur over the next weeks until one day in the future when the New Site is strong enough, the old one will just fade away!!!!!

In July, I visited a most beautiful Exhibition in Montreal - The Mosaiculture Exhibition - presented on the Lachine Canal. Until I set up links to the pictures in the main part of the site, please click on this link to view the experience. Don't forget to click on the small index pictures to see a larger version. Once you have a large version up, you can click through the rest of them with the navigation arrows at the top of the page.

17 May 2003
It's nearly a year since anything much has gone on here as my fans keep pointing out to me !!! My only excuse is that I have been buried in Norrath - That's EverQuest to the rest of you. I will be updating the site during the coming months so keep your eyes open - that is if I can tear myself away from Everquest !!! The Free Cell page has been updated.

12 June 2002
Back in Toronto for the Summer and some General Tidying Up. Free Cell Page updated.

13 May 2002
Free Cell page updated

8 March 2002
Information about the new movie - Man In Celebration - has been added.

13 October 2001
Some updating as a result of my arrival in Fort lauderdale for the winter.

12 August 2001
A first time visitor page has been added. If you have not been there, please check it out by clicking here First time Visitor.

8 July 2001
More additions to The Gallery.

16 June 2001
Some new pictures taken in Miami have been added. They are called the Garden Set.

15 March 2001
I regret to report that my Dear Sister Elizabeth passed away on the 9th of March 2001. I have added a Eulogy to the site which was delivered on my behalf in Eastbourne at Elizabeth's cremation.

7th February 2001
Please accept my apologies for the lack of updates lately but my Sister Elizabeth is not at all well and I haven't felt like dealing with the site until now. I am in the process of dropping AT&T as my ISP and using Hurricane Electric exclusively and until all the links are changed, you may experience some broken ones. I would appreciate a note if you come across any navigational difficulties.

7th December 2000
After DAYS of effort, I have finally solved 26693 !!!!!

27th November 2000
Getting settled in for the winter in Fort Lauderdale. Haven't had time to do anything much to the site but keep your eyes open for updates soon!!!

6th November 2000

I've been going through that snakeskin shedding process known as changing my site host!!!!!! If you are having E-Mail difficulties, please ensure you are addressing to There may be some link problems on the site still and some counters are not working yet until I get things moved over and sorted out. Please check back shortly if you are having difficulty. I would also appreciate a note at if you find any broken links.

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It is Our Destiny to THINK - not to Heat Ourselves!!

Wensleydale Railway Association
Don't forget, this is an electronically growing being. Be prepared for excitement. If you get into navigational difficulty, please send me an e-mail.

Check out the NEW Graffiti!!

Thanks for visiting my web presence. Here you will find movies, railways, fractals, Free Cell, AA and lots of other stuff.

I like the effect that the "OnMouseOver" HTML command has and the pictures to the left are links to other sites or various parts of my site. Move your mouse pointer over the picture. Some of these OnMouseOver pictures are little jokes in themselves. For example, move your mouse over The Bar Of 100 Scotches (right one in the top row)!! The next row has a link to the Alta Vista Search Engine - my favourite - and the first of the personal links. The third picture in the first column is of Eltham College in London where I completed some of my secondary education. The next link is to a Games Arena.

Please have some fun at the site. Try the 3d viewing tests by clicking on the clock. The Moon and the TTC has been added to the TTC page. This is my report and observations on the Inquest into the deaths caused by the Subway Accident in Toronto in August 1995.

The homage to Pink Floyd leads to THE MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING computer application on this planet.

I would appreciate any comments you may have. Don't forget to click on the Wensleydale Flyer above.

As of Friday, September the 1st, 2006 I am in Toronto.

Dave Irwin

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